Summery 5th Transational Project Meeting of E-MaGIC, Athens-Greece October 2019



SUMMARY of the 5th Transational Project Meeting,  E-MaGIC  ATHENS-GREECE


The 5th and last Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of E-MaGIC was held in Athens to discuss the final results of the creation of the app of the serious game “Clash of WIzardry.

The discussion was guided by the project coordinator Portugal and each partner expressed their opinions about the results obtained, feeling satisfied with the profuse commitment, and then everyone reported what was achieved in the different institutions to promote the game.

The project coordinator thanked all the partners for the proven effort and excellent quality of the work done. Subsequently, the German partner payed compliments to the working group for the excellent and ever-present relationships among the partners based on mutual respect, trust and esteem.

An important point on the agenda was the sustainability and implementation of the game not only through its practical use in the classroom by mathematics teachers, but also through articles, scientific studies, conferences and each partner presented his proposals.

With regards to launch events, the dates are:

25 October-Portugal, 28 October Italy, 30 October Greece.

Referring to project’s scientific and specialised publications they are:

– Liseth Ferreira from GMTE–DRE has participated with an oral communication entitled “Clash of Wizardry – Um jogo matemágico” at the 6th Casa das Ciências International Meeting in Lisbon (Portugal), July 11, 2019. The expenses to participate in this activity were funded under the Project Management and Implementation grant.

– As a result from the previous oral communication, the organization of the VI Maths Fair from the Museum of Natural History and Science – University of Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal) invited GMTE-DRE to present the game Clash of Wizardry in the event which will take place in October 25, 2019. The expenses to participate in this activity were funded under the Project Management and Implementation grant.

– Giusepina Mancusi and Rosa Barbieri from I. I. S. L. da Vinci-Nitti co-authored with professors Roberto Capone and Giuseppina Barbieri from Università degli Studi di Salerno a communication entitled “I Serious Games per una didattica della matematica inclusiva” for the 4th GIMaT Convention – Teaching Practice and Didactic Research that will take place in Palermo, Italy, next October 19, 2019. The seminar will be presented by Professor Roberto Capone.

– Panagiotis Psomos from E.E.G. Acharnon submitted an article that was approved to be presented at the 14th annual Technology, Education and Development Conference – INTED2020. The conference will take place in Valencia (Spain) between the 2nd and the 4th of March 2020.

Finally it was decided that each partner can create a platform where anyone can publish materials and results of the work done in the classroom using the Magic Clash that had pedagogical validity.

Finally the partners are greeted with the commitment to promote the implementation of Clash of Wizardry to promote success.


The aim of the project is to find an informal and fun way of learning, creating a fantasy game, to improve the school results and the mathematical skills in learning this discipline, in line with the expected results of the Institutional Educational System of each country involved.   The final result will be an immersive smartphone gaming app, to be used in schools alongside the teaching of mathematics, in order to practice what is learned at school, but in a more pleasant and engaging way, overcoming learning difficulties.
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