The 4th Transnational Project Meeting  of E-MaGIC was held for the second time in Funchal from 8th to 10th May 2019, at the James Moniz High School to discuss the definition of the objectives of the work plan and the results of the second trial of the game Clash of Wizardry, carried out at the end of April in the various schools.

The discussion opened guided by the project coordinator, Portugal, and each partner expressed his opinion on the results of the game investigations after the second test. It has emerged that the students who had already participated in the 1st test were satisfied with the improvements made, instead of the information acquired on the spells, the fireball was the one preferred by most boys, but actually corresponds to an even easier level of equation.

Subsequently some defects of the game were reported by the partners, to the German Ingenious Knowledge team that developed the game, emerged during the last experimentation.

In addition, the partners discussed the need to assess the actual validity of the game for the purpose of learning mathematics, deciding to carry out a control test with the students both before and after a 2 or 3 weeks training and to compare the results, such as final feedback.

Activities that will be carried out only by Portugal and Greece. Another test can be carried out at the beginning of the next school year 2019/2020 (before 31 October) to evaluate the traditional teaching Vs the new teaching method through mobile devices.

Subsequently the German partner illustrated all the updates introduced in the functionalities of the second version game and also his participation in the SITE 2019 conference, in Las Vegas, where he presented the game and the findings of our results.

The next day, each partner defined its proposals on how to integrate the game into their own educational institutions and Italy expressed the intention to:

  • promote the use of the game for math training (both by students and teachers), in their own school;
  • monitor their feedback through specific written tests to verify their real effectiveness;
  • provide mathematics teachers with didactic support (manual) and / or training events, necessary for the correct use of the game itself. As also expressly requested by the I.I.S. L da Vinci-F.S.Nitti di Potenza headmistress Prof. Alessandra Napoli.
  • think of possibly introducing it into the national competition of the mathematics Olympics
  • Offer a seminar on the E-MAGIC teaching approach at the University of Salerno and UNIBAS.

An important point on the agenda was also the implementation of the game through the use of different social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube.

The last day the partners discussed about the Manual for teachers and the Italian partner IIS da Vinci-Nitti(Potenza) presented, to the participants, including the Director of the Regional Direction of Education of Madeira Marco Gomes, his proposal of the power point on the Teacher training course and of their Handbook,  the partners agreed that the work is of quality, it is only necessary to add some strategies for the teachers to use the game in the classroom.

Finally the partners collaborated on the drafting of the common structure of the game Handbook, working in groups and developing the topics to be dealt with, in relation to the task assigned to them by the Coordinator.

The next and last meeting was set in Athens for 14/15/16 October. Also this time all the partners expressed satisfaction with the results of the intellectual activities produced by the consortium.



The aim of the project is to find an informal and fun way of learning, creating a fantasy game, to improve the school results and the mathematical skills in learning this discipline, in line with the expected results of the Institutional Educational System of each country involved.   The final result will be an immersive smartphone gaming app, to be used in schools alongside the teaching of mathematics, in order to practice what is learned at school, but in a more pleasant and engaging way, overcoming learning difficulties.
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